Court Appointed Liquidator

Gordon is recognised by the Isle of Man Courts and listed on the Court Appointment Register of competent liquidators in the Isle of Man. He has acted as Liquidator and deemed Official Receiver on numerous liquidations and brings a commercial, considered approach to the most complex of situations.

We aim to provide petitioners with a quick decision on whether Gordon is conflicted or not and therefore able to act, which is particularly key when circumstances are time critical. We offer highly competitive rates, as well as a willingness to consider other basis for covering liquidation fees and expenses.

Gordon has also been appointed as joint liquidator with insolvency professionals from other firms, both on the Isle of Man and from the UK. This is particularly useful where a potential appointee requires a local presence and knowledge of the legislation when winding-up an Isle of Man company.

We have invested in specialist liquidation software which allows us to deal with even the largest of liquidations in an efficient and controlled manner. We also work with a variety of different law firms and other professional advisers both on the Isle of Man and further afield.